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904 gauges

Posted: Tue Nov 22, 2022 6:57 am
by Hanns Mueller-Rech

some of you sure are also at the ESR, but not all, therefore….
Saturday was a very nice day. In the morning was the swap meet at Strähle in Fellbach, where I could source some nice parts and met some fellow ESR friends.
I found a nice light gray, correct hole pattern, headliner, and i picked up one of the mufflers, about which Joris was already posting. Also a fresh air vent flap was lying on the table, which I had to take with me.

Later the afternoon I had to drive to Ingolstadt, where I met a nice gentleman, who had the possibility to go through the parts bin of a passed former Porsche Mechanic nearby Stuttgart already 17 years ago. He offered me two very special gauges from a 904 and after some negociations we could agree on a - still high - price, as he knew I will take care to find the right car for them.

First is a speedometer, green face, 280km scale, stamped 11/63, but second a really rare seen triple gauge, built date january 64, stamped feb 64, with the correct oil pressure feed.

We do know the new built triple or quad gauges from our beloved manufacturers, which all do have he electric working scales. So it its a real pleasure to see this lovely crafted tool…..

I will get these cleaned and then will hand them over to my VDO workshop to get them properly serviced.
So if you do know s.o. in the need of these gauges, let them know..these will come up for sale in the nearer future…

Find below some pics of the really nice gauges

enjoy and best regard from bavaria