Empi engine build battle

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Re: Empi engine build battle

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Martin Benade wrote: Sun Jun 16, 2024 8:50 am I really wish they’d post the rpm. I think I’d seen this runs stock rods?
The rods are aluminum. Seward's says the engine should be good to 11,000 rpm but the dyno pulls stayed under 10,000. They use small rod journals like the Honda ones that I use on my strokers. The camshaft is custom with help from a cam designer. Modern coatings throughout. Exhaust valves were moved away from the intake valves to enlarge both but not shroud the intake. While driving from IL to CA they wondered why it wasn't making the power they expected. They decided to try stronger pushrods and installed some in the hotel parking lot before the dyno shootout. That was good for 20 additional horsepower!!!!!!!!!! Never use lightweight pushrods. They allow the valve events to flop all over the place. Dr John Wittner told me that years ago and he was right.

I wish the videos and other information was better organized so that each engine had everything in one place.
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