Spare Tire Strap

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Keith Lee
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Spare Tire Strap

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As I could not find an existing thread on spare tire straps, I'll post here.
This is the spare tire strap that was in 50143.
It is old and ratty and quite possibly original to the car.

It measures 2.5 cm wide and 80 cm long

From the attached photos, can it be ascertained that it is a Porsche strap consistent with the vintage of the car? (February 53)
(Or is it some random 6 year olds belt from 1960?)
Belt 3.jpg
Belt 2.jpg
Belt 1.jpg
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Mike Wilson
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Re: Spare Tire Strap

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Pics of the original spare tire strap I have. Who knows if Porsche changed suppliers over the years?

Mike Wilson
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