1951 Driver's Manual

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Donald Zingg
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1951 Driver's Manual

#1 Post by Donald Zingg »

Anyone have a driver's (maintenance) manual for the '51 cars? The undated version that includes info on the 1100 and 1300 engines.
The one I have is missing the center leaf pages 19 - 22. I am curious to see what's on those missing pages. For reference here are images of pages 18 and 23. It's interesting to note tire changing instructions are not mentioned in 1952 - 55 P-356 driver's manuals.
page 18.jpg
page 23.jpg

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Michael Branning
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Re: 1951 Driver's Manual

#2 Post by Michael Branning »

We need to get one to scan. Here's what we have. There's a German 52 manual:
https://porsche356registry.org/content. ... _id=614556
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Vic Skirmants
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Re: 1951 Driver's Manual

#3 Post by Vic Skirmants »

I have one. Page 19 is Running-in and Top Speeds, page 20; Special Instructions, Page 21; more instructions. Page 22; Adjustment Date and Instructions.
Jim Wayman; let me know how to safely send this to you.
I also have a 1952 English manual.

Hanns Mueller-Rech
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Re: 1951 Driver's Manual

#4 Post by Hanns Mueller-Rech »

only in German,
but should do the job….
if there is a need for a scan, just let me know.

from bavaria


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