Info on Colorado Springs Porsche dealer wanted

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John Wurner
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Info on Colorado Springs Porsche dealer wanted

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I purchased a 1960 Porsche that was imported thru Inter Continental Motors Corp, San Antonio, Texas and sold by Colorado Springs Motors to its first owner.
Anyone have information on the Colorado dealership?
I purchased the car from the second owner who had the car since 1969.

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Mike Wilson
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Re: Info on Colorado Springs Porsche dealer wanted

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No additional info on the dealer but an old thread lists all the distributors and dealers. I found Colorado Springs Motors Ltd.

Mike Wilson
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Andy Stephenson
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Re: Info on Colorado Springs Porsche dealer wanted

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Hi John,
I saw your post and it rang a bell for me.....Maybe you have followed up on Mike's note and investigated that list. I was able to bring up this link: ... ers_co.php and also found the listing for Colorado Springs motors and Phil Winslow VW/ Porsche in Colorado Springs. I wasn't able to decipher if the first Colorado Springs Motors eventually became labeled Phil Winslow or not, but if you click on the third listing (Phil Winslow Volkswagen) it will bring up various dealership emblems that they put on cars. The reason it struck me is I think I have one of these as pictured in the fourth one down, not counting the building image. Unfortunately I'm four months away from being able to verify which one for sure and I'm sorry I don't have any other information to provide.

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Brian R Adams
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Re: Info on Colorado Springs Porsche dealer wanted

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I once had a boss who grew up and still lived in "Colrosprings" (as he pronounced it, every time). I may be able contact him, if he's still extant, as he would have been there since before 1950. And he's a gearhead.
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Jan Kolm
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Re: Info on Colorado Springs Porsche dealer wanted

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Here is a Colorado Springs Motors, Ltd. ad from a 1960 Continental Divide Raceways (CDR) program booklet.

The dealership became Phil Winslow VW-Porsche when they moved to their new location in 1964, built to the standard Volkswagen of America floor plan of the day.

Winslow lost the Porsche franchise in the 1969 upheaval and a new dealership was formed, Alpine Porsche-Audi. Alpine Porsche-Audi closed during the late-1980s recession and Colorado Springs was without a Porsche franchise for the next two decades.

As for Winslow, they added a BMW franchise in the early 1980s and gave up VW at the end of 2004. They built a new dealership adjacent to I-25, with extra room and blank signage for adding a Mini franchise, which has never happened.

As for CDR, it was in operation south of Castle Rock from 1959-1971, and reopened briefly in the early 1980s. The pavement and stands were eventually removed, but the maintenance garage remained and the road course was visible from the air. Redevelopment of the CDR property has recently started.
Jan Kolm
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Tom Markussen
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Re: Info on Colorado Springs Porsche dealer wanted

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My Speedster was originally sold in Colorado Springs. This nice script was attached to the back/numberplate of the car when Bob Tone bought it back in 1980. Bob removed it from the car but kept it during his time of ownership (25 years). He gave it to me when I visited him in Florida back in 2007. I bought the car from a dealer in California in 2006.

Would be fun if someone has a picture of the dealership.

Cheers, Tom
Tom Markussen
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