Mystery Lock

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Ronald Sieber
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Mystery Lock

#1 Post by Ronald Sieber »

I found this lock in a cache of parts and am wondering if it is a Porsche part?

The body is 2.75" and overall (including the ears) 5" long. It weighs a little over 14 oz.
The threaded portion of the opening looks to be 12mm X 2.0.
The lock pieces rotate at both ends and also deflect when pressed.

Any ideas what it is? A Porsche part?

1 lock face.jpg
2 back.jpg
3 Lock part number.jpg
4 top with threads.jpg

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Martin Benade
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Re: Mystery Lock

#2 Post by Martin Benade »

I wonder if it something like a spare tire lock for an external spare? At first I was thinking an engine anti theft item but that would not have a 12 mm nut.
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