Snow 356 Porsches

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Mark Roth
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Re: Snow 356 Porsches

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This video is on our website under MEDIA>VIDEOS

Jeff Zwart, film director and Pikes Peak Hill Climb Champion takes his 1953 Porsche 356 Pre A out for a winter's drive. (4:32)
Mark Roth
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Mike Smith
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Re: Snow 356 Porsches

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Brilliant short film by a brilliant driver
Mike Smith (Essex - UK)

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Brian R Adams
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Re: Snow 356 Porsches

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Jeff's video reminds me of living at Tahoe through one heavy snow winter (1982/'83?) with my first 356, a white '59 Sunroof Coupe, as my only driver. There came a series of storms dumping 5 feet of snow on the ground in 24 hours. The 356 drives great on snow, but is not particularly suited to pushing snow out of its way. It also tends to high-center itself atop a packed-down snowplow berm if you don't get a fast enough run at it. The worst aspect of winter driving in the 356 is forward vision at night in a snowstorm. Besides the 6v beams and inadequate defroster function, the tilted-back headlights bounce a blinding reflection off snowflakes.
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Richard Zarbo
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Re: Snow 356 Porsches

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Celebrating a snow day here again.
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