Pre-A Hella head light lenses

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Rainer Cooney
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Pre-A Hella head light lenses

#1 Post by Rainer Cooney » Thu Dec 02, 2021 6:35 pm

After 8 months of trying, using three different domestic manufactures, and not getting any satisfactory results I've decided to refund those who have yet to receive the lenses paid for. The check , as they say, "is in the mail". To give an accurate account of the trials and tribulations of this saga would take more lines than I'm willing to type so I'll just describe the latest attempt. A glass foundry was recommended to me by a business acquaintance. After talking to the owner, a car and motorcycle collector by chance, who happens to own a couple of VW buses he assured me he could do these no problem. After shipping him the molds, several hundred pounds of freight, and giving him the sectional thickness and weight of an original I received " for approval" lenses with bubbles almost 1/4" in diameter, chill marks like a cheese grater and double the thickness and weight. With prior experience dealing with outside vendors I have, in the past, made the mistake of sticking with some WAY too long in the hopes I could make them see the light and understand what it was I was looking for. This last batch however was so far removed from my specifications I didn't hold out much hope of making that much ground where I would see serviceable parts without going mental in the process. So checks have been sent. At this point I have yet to receive a refund of several thousand dollars from company #2 who failed completely to make these at all. The amount of time and effort I've put into this project is beyond what I had expected but for those who might know me I'm nothing if not stubborn. So I will continue to search for a domestic company that can help bring these lenses and also they next series A model lenses back to market. I want to thank those that paid for and received their lenses but more importantly thank those that waited with extreme patience for theirs that never came. Should I have success in the future I won't be placing an ad until I have lenses in hand. Lesson learned.

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Paul Hatfield
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Re: Pre-A Hella head light lenses

#2 Post by Paul Hatfield » Fri Dec 03, 2021 5:10 pm

Thanks for all your efforts Rainer. I went through a bunch of this before I was satisfied with the couple of Pre-A 2 piece generator/fan belts I make. Sometimes what you would think would be easy just is not. I wish people could begin to understand the hassle of getting parts made that are acceptable for our hobby, and the number of Pre-A cars really makes the market so small that the reward is personal satisfaction, not profit.
Anyway,,,, thanks!
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Jules Dielen
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Re: Pre-A Hella head light lenses

#3 Post by Jules Dielen » Thu Dec 16, 2021 3:21 pm

Thank you Rainer. Should you need some NOS pre A lenses please let me know. I have a few pairs.

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