Hardware Restoration

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Jim Wayman
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Re: Hardware Restoration

#31 Post by Jim Wayman » Wed Jul 06, 2022 10:17 pm

I would like to thank those of you who tried out my introductory service of cleaning and plating hardware. The response to the finished product has been very positive. I am discontinuing the special pricing I offered at introduction. In the future, jobs will be priced based on the content of the job. If you would like a price quote, just send a picture of what you want plated and I will get back to you with the priciing.
Jim Wayman

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Re: Hardware Restoration

#32 Post by DaveErickson » Fri Jul 29, 2022 12:23 am

Jim, is this service planned or currently available? I have some parts to send to get zinc plated if it is available now.

Mike Harmon
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Re: Hardware Restoration

#33 Post by Mike Harmon » Fri Jul 29, 2022 8:13 pm

I asked Jim to plate some hubs and bolts for my Rudge wheels last week and he did fantastic work in a very timely manner.

I wouldn't hesitate to use his services again.

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