PLEASE READ: Explanation and Rules for this Forum

Vendor announcements of new 356 products, product changes, recalls, requests for product feedback, or changes to their business.
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PLEASE READ: Explanation and Rules for this Forum

#1 Post by Barry Brisco » Tue Dec 06, 2011 11:59 am

The 356 community values and appreciates those vendors who invest their time and resources to ensure that new parts are available to help us keep our 356s on the road and looking good. This Forum has been established to provide vendors and commercial sellers their own place to:

* Announce new 356 products, significant changes to existing products, product recalls, products back in stock (please exercise discretion)

* Request feedback on their products from the 356 community

* Announce changes to their business such as new contact information (change of address), change of business ownership, temporary closure for vacations or holidays, etc.

Not allowed in this Forum:

* "For sale" ads (which are not allowed in any 356Talk Forum.

* "Special promotional" ads offering items at a discount, limited timeframe sales, etc. Those are also "for sale" posts and are not allowed.

* Too many topics by the same vendor: try to stay to one topic for a given subject, so if you are offering a new product, give updates about the product in the same topic, don't start a new topic.

* Posts asking "How much is this part / car worth?"

* Complaints or disputes with vendors/sellers. The 356 Registry has no ability to mediate transactions or disputes between sellers and buyers.

If you have any questions about this Forum, please contact the moderators directly.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Barry Brisco
356Talk Moderator