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Re: Type A Outlaw Project

Posted: Sun Sep 11, 2022 3:54 pm
by Graham Kerr
A very professional job, great work. With all that race stuff in your car I really hope that you are going to get it on a track somewhere and give it a good thrashing and not just ponce it around some boring car shows. My own view would be to lower it another inch and trash the roof rack. I mean roof rack? What do you think you are? Some kid with a Volkswagen?

Re: Type A Outlaw Project

Posted: Wed Sep 28, 2022 12:18 am
by Perry DePietro
Well, yes, I think being a kid with a Volkswagen is a good thing. My first car in early 70''s was a $200 VW bug. I learned some valuable skills restoring that car which have served me well. I have been fortunate to have owned and raced several amazing cars, but I will readily admit that there is something about an analog vintage WV that is special. I could be wrong, but I think the original VW guy may have had something to do with 356s (?).

Yes.. I enjoy tracking cars and motorcycles. My primary goal for this build was to build a car that honors the early race cars, but to also have a car I can still drive daily. Once I get it dialed in, I am sure it will find it's way to VIR.

With respect to the stance, I have notched the front beam, have installed drop link spindles and have adjustable swing arms in the rear. I plan to set the ride height and suspension geometry once the motor is in the car. I have taken some engineering cues from Rob Emory and radiused the front wheel openings. This will allow me to set the ride height low and still have good clearance for the front wheels while turning under braking.

As far as the roof rack, I have a few rationales. First, I have been "done" with the things that I can do for a while now. I am just waiting on the experts to finish the motor and the wiring....two things that I can't do. I have a very stressful "real" job and creating things and being artistic is my way of maintaining my sanity. I garden, do bonsai, build custom bird houses, build steam-punk clocks and do metal sculptures. The roof rack was just a whimsical project I did after looking at tons of outlaw pictures on the internet. Soon after fab-ing it, I bought some old vintage luggage, some wooden skis and an old aluminum ice box from the 50"s on Ebay. I "do" plan to occasionally strap them to the roof rack and hit a car show or two. No harm, no foul.

Also, with the GT roll bar/harnesses making it hard to put things "in" the car, and the fuel cell/hydraulic reservoirs/battery up front... there is no room in the car for luggage. When i eventually travel in the car... I will actually use the the roof rack for a spare tire and my luggage.

Once you cross as many lines as I have in pursuit of an outlaw, the roof rack is just one more exercise in creative license.