356C Seat inserts

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Re: 356C Seat inserts

#16 Post by hanns mueller-rech » Wed Feb 02, 2022 7:14 am

there are some pictures existing - pre pepita - showing one of the 901 prototypes -13 325 - still with a early dash, with seats covered with some sort of Glencheck fabric.....the later 901 protos - with then ready designed dashboard still do show already a pepita version

proto pre dash .jpg
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proto dashboard.jpg
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Re: 356C Seat inserts

#17 Post by William Block » Wed Feb 02, 2022 11:13 am

For my register

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741/1A 300
Blue-grey metallic (Lechel #50759)/black Leather (2156)//black
Factory developmental car
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Hirschmann automatic Antenna
Early 911 cloisonne badge
No hood handle
No Reutter emblem
BN4 gas heater
FIAAM Roadmaster air horns
Variable speed windshield wipers
(587/1 P*97001*)
Built 61.02.18 del 61.02.23 WERKS Zuffenhausen, GERMANY
Peter Hoffman, GERMAANY; ex Lawrence Redman, CA; ex Clark Lovrien, CA; ex ? Renfro, ?: ex Peter Stettinius, CA; ex Donald Miller, CA; original owner Ferry Porsche, GERMANY
Nov 16, driver-factory replaced T6 nose-Pepita check-annular disk brakes-restored by PORSCHA KLASSIC WEST-original factory paint, article (PANO)

Back in the day I was told ROW cars had cloth inserts and that there was an uncharge of about $30.00 for full vinyl but US cars came with full vinyl seats.
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Re: 356C Seat inserts

#18 Post by Cliff Murray » Wed Feb 02, 2022 12:46 pm

I was very young when my father bought his first Porsche, a new 59 Cab Hardtop only, from a Chrysler dealer in Bryn Mawr PA. That car was Ivory with a Ruby red hardtop. It had either a tan or red interior and cloth seat inserts. I remember the cloth because he had to have it replaced due to wear. He put 100k miles on it in 2 years and replaced it with a 61 Ruby red coupe. That and his 63 coupe, Ivory w/red interior, had vinyl inserts. I have always thought that generally US cars did not have cloth. Thanks Bill.
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