Early 1960 single vs dual mount question

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David Jones
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Re: Early 1960 single vs dual mount question

#16 Post by David Jones » Mon Jan 24, 2022 11:14 am

This discussion reminds me of a diversion I made many many years ago. Here is the back story. I was caught working without a work visa in Chicago in about 1980 and was asked by the INS to leave the country. On my way back across the pond in a half empty 747 I struck up a conversation with a female member of the cabin staff who told me of her woes with her VW bug. Naturally because she was a nice person I offered to fix it for her. She had been taking it to a shady mechanic (not a shade tree mechanic please note) who had obviously been ripping her off. Fixed the shifter with same issue of loose grub screw, changed the oil and did a tune up. Jacked the car up in the road way and greased the suspenders with a cheap grease gun and spent a fun weekend drinking and carousing with her and some friends in a place called Slough outside London. It pays to be pleasant to airline staff.
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Wes Bender
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Re: Early 1960 single vs dual mount question

#17 Post by Wes Bender » Mon Jan 24, 2022 11:26 am

As an old USAF SAC bomber mechanic, I safety wire mine, tightly.

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