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Re: Erikoenig-classic

#16 Post by Maurizio Santini » Fri Mar 04, 2022 1:12 am

Dear friends, living in Italy and having a German wife I was able to chat directly with Guido in the past and a few days ago for some of my orders. I can reassure you by writing that Guido is a person who respects his commitments for the material but sometimes he cannot manage the shipments quickly but is always available to solve the problem whenever it becomes embarrassing. I am well aware of the annoyance caused by delays, I myself have my last order shipped only after a month and after a few polite reminders. But what Guido offers is nowhere to be found elsewhere, you have to be patient, his "is" (as he defines it) a small business and often the material is to be organized on order and not on the shelf, which exacerbates the delays.

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