What To Do While the Engine is Out Of the Car?

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John Lindstrom
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Re: What To Do While the Engine is Out Of the Car?

#46 Post by John Lindstrom » Sat May 26, 2018 2:31 pm

Look up under the rear shelf, just above where the muffler resides, where the brake light wires run on the backside there is an area that accumulates dirt and debris over the years because it is not usually accessible. I sanded mine down to metal, epoxy sealer / primered and replaced the undercoating and paint so that it will last another 60 years without rusting.

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Patrick Ertel
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Re: What To Do While the Engine is Out Of the Car?

#47 Post by Patrick Ertel » Tue Dec 07, 2021 11:08 am

Roger Shapiro wrote:
Thu Jan 03, 2013 1:00 am
Let's sub title this thread "what is not so easy with engine IN the car"
First choice - get those two upper bolts to stay in place whilst replacing the engine. Hose clamp and glue, weld on washer, wire the two bolts to the trans housing.
Second - install a full flow oil filter - you will never regret it.
Thirdly - redo the engine walls with new "insulation." It is a definite PITA to do with the engine in.
Hope I'm not to late
Roger Shapiro
Excellent points. I would add, put the flexible fuel line on the engine hard line while the engine is out. Once the engine is in it's WAY easier to attach the flex line to the hard line coming through the tunnel than to try to get it on the engine. You might want to put a fuel filter in the flex line too.
Patrick Ertel

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