356Talk now uses the same username and password as the main website. If the login link (which invisibly verifies your membership on our main site) did not work, there could be several reasons. First, go to www.porsche356registry.org ; If the site is down, then that may be the problem and you can log in for now using the email method below. Otherwise, log into the club website.

If successful you’ll see your user name in the upper right corner of the screen. If you cannot log in to the club website, reset your password -or- contact Lori Schutz at membership@porsche356registry.org | 304-935-0356. If you are successful at logging in, then navigate back to 356Talk using the menu and you will be logged in automatically. If this does not work, and especially if you get an error message, please email 356talkadmin@porsche356registry.org for help.

While you are waiting for help, if you enter your email address below (and your email matches the 356Talk database), in most cases you will be emailed a link that will log you in automatically.