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Newer Forums Rules Change Announcement

#1 Post by Curt Dansby » Mon Oct 23, 2017 8:02 pm

Ok Folks
I have pushed the previous announcement down and just added to the text so as not to appear to obfuscate by deleting. This matter was discussed in some great detail at the latest Trustee Meeting(as it was at the meeting that lead to the first rule change) Quite frankly I tire of the time expended in this vein but I hope this shows a willingness of the Trustees to try and strike a balance that suits a majority. If anyone would like to discuss the genesis of this whole exercise I believe you know where you can find my phone number.

The new rule as voted by the entire board and in effect as of this posting is:
Witty statements as referenced below are still allowed
Web addresses are again allowed as in www. - along with your given name as your signature.
One or the other, your decision.

I could go into greater detail but I will fall back on my last sentence in the first paragraph. I will make one last reference to a John Lydgate quote and leave it at that.


After many years of complaints to several Trustees it was decided that advertising in personal signatures will no longer be allowed. In short: any information in personal signatures constituting personal or commercial advertising or links to other sites is now disallowed. There is a whole section for vendors where you can promote yourself to your hearts content, but no longer in the other forums. Listings of your car stable is not considered advertising( unless you indicate one of them is for sale) nor are witty statements like those of David Jones, John Brooks and Wes Bender.
There will be some grace period for folks who need to to change their signatures but at some point posting privileges will be suspended for those who do not comply.