Front bumper guards on rear with GT exhaust

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Re: Front bumper guards on rear with GT exhaust

#16 Post by Sean M Rooks » Thu Oct 19, 2017 9:46 pm


The Leistritz is a stock exhaust. Mine is used refurbished. I removed the Bursch extractor exhaust I had on it because of the aforementioned cutouts that annoyed me. The Bursch sounded pretty good. Nice, deep sound. The Leistritz just sounds better to me than the newer replacement Dansk mufflers I've heard on other cars.

I like those Sebring style exhausts. If you go that route, the front bumpers on the rear will look good. Are you planning to keep the rocker trim off? It's a clean look.

M Penta
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Re: Front bumper guards on rear with GT exhaust

#17 Post by M Penta » Fri Oct 20, 2017 10:05 pm

Hi Sean,

I never reinstalled the rocker trim on driver side after doing some paint repairs, I do like the look with out it so am planning to remove the passenger side and pop some sort of plugs in the holes. I just like the look of it better.

I also like the look of the bumper guard delete like your car, but go back and forth on that one since I do not dislike the look of the guards either (but do dislike the weight of them and effect on aerodynamics, especially in the rear where they are cups in the wind).

Got some 10MM spacers and longer studs coming. I think the 10mm will be just right, I don't like when the wheels are very close the fenders and the 10mm will leave plenty of room.

I am still looking into exhausts, but I am fine with what I have for now. Many other priorities competing and I am afraid I will need to put this project down for a while and love it as is (which I do!), however i would really like a set of Vredstiens. This may be easy to justify since the tire on it now are same size I need for my Jetta commuter.

Went on a nice MTN drove today, but was stuck behind slow vehicles the whole way (probably for the best). Weather has still been nice up here so my not put her to bed for a few more weeks.

Have a nice weeked,


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