New Project '58 Coupe in Norway

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Kjell Tormod Brekka
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New Project '58 Coupe in Norway

#1 Post by Kjell Tormod Brekka » Wed Oct 11, 2017 7:50 pm

Hello all
First thanks for a splendid forum with great info!!
I am 46, live in Norway and began with Beetles at 17. Bought my first Porsche in 2000(924) and have had several 924 later, a 928, and some early 911 and 912, Coupes and Targas. Currently I have a '77 924 project and a '67 912 Sunroof which is in progress.
Last year I started to look for one of my dreamcars, 356A. I finally found a project through an ad for a Glaspar hardtop on TheSamba, a '58 Coupe body which had been left outside for the last 30 years... My budget was limited and there are not many 356A projects in the market. As a plan B I considered a core to build a Speedster on if car was to bad to build up as a Coupe. The car, 103819, is a Super model (engine 820xx) originally Aquamarin with 400mm wheel, sealed beams and US bumpersl and sold at AFN 10.06.58.
A deal was struck after Title was in hand with the seller a little north of SF. I bought some parts to be shipped and to get the car rolling. The seller had front suspension which he put on car and I bought a trans with axels on Hawaii(!), Convertible D doors, hood, front piece, Speedster interior parts, wheels etc etc (Thanks Andy!!) and shipping was arranged (California Shipping, Long Beach). Seller put on trans , wheels and packed the car with all the parts inside and on top and car was picked up by shipping company. It left CA in August and I piced it up in Oslo mid September. The lady in shipping office in Oslo really wondered what I was going to do with this wreck...
The car and parts were as described, more or less. Floors are gone, back seat area are thin and must be changed, innerfenders looks ok but with bad areas, front compartment ok but battery area is bad. Rockers and longitudes looks actually quite ok but botton pieces are bad. Rear driver side fender has had a big hit which has pushed the roor up and a little to the right. Driver side front fender and 3/4 of front are cut away. Door openings looks good. A lot of work to get the car on road again but even in this state I like it a lot!
Plan is to first finnish my 912 and the start with the 356. I have to decide which way to go but it would certainly be cool to save the patina outside, at least for a while.
I need a lot of parts, a used left front fender, 400 steering wheel, gear lever, gauges from april-june -58, T2 passager door (its a B/C door on car now), wipers etc etc. I plan to do as much work as possible my self. Here are some pictures!
In its corner waiting...
The 356 when collecting at shipping office in Oslo.

Dan Epperly
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Re: New Project '58 Coupe in Norway

#2 Post by Dan Epperly » Wed Oct 11, 2017 8:29 pm

I have a '62 B sitting in my garage that could be its younger brother.
Nice thing about cars like that is you can't screw it up, anything you do will be an improvement.

Edwin Ek
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Re: New Project '58 Coupe in Norway

#3 Post by Edwin Ek » Wed Oct 11, 2017 9:31 pm

Gratulerer med ny bil! Og velkommen.

M Penta
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Re: New Project '58 Coupe in Norway

#4 Post by M Penta » Wed Oct 11, 2017 11:59 pm

Welcome! Looks like an ambitious project, but many worse have been saved.
I happen to like 924's too, especially 931's. Been keeping my eyes open for one.

Best of luck, keep us posted.


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fred otjen
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Re: New Project '58 Coupe in Norway

#5 Post by fred otjen » Thu Oct 12, 2017 3:46 pm

Hello Kjell, I was glad to read your story about getting a 356A all the way to Norway! Here in Oregon , my neighbor's father was visiting him from Bergen. His name was Koret and very into classic cars. He has 3 British classics and was thrilled that I took him for rides in my '57 coupe and '58 speedster.
Which brings me to ask about that hardtop you got with your coupe, what will you do with it? Any chance you'd like to part with it and send it back to me in the US?

Kjell Tormod Brekka
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Re: New Project '58 Coupe in Norway

#6 Post by Kjell Tormod Brekka » Thu Oct 12, 2017 5:27 pm

Thanks for your comments!
Yes, it is a big project, even just to make it road worthy but I will go over car later and make a status and a plan then.
Edwin, takk! Hyggelig med en norsk kontakt i CA!!

Glaspar hardtop is not for sale at the moment, I have a vision for a Speedster creation on some point if I come over a suitable donor chassis.

Reasons for my choice of project cars:
924: Economical and fun to drive, great road holding.
912SWB: Nice classic sportscar, fun to drive and good design. 912 because can't afford 911...
356A: Wonderful design!!!!

It will take a while before 356 project start, but will gather more parts.

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Bill Sargent
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Re: New Project '58 Coupe in Norway

#7 Post by Bill Sargent » Wed Oct 18, 2017 9:20 am

Vi har flere folk som snakker Norsk i klubben. Velkommen!

Bill Sargent
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