How not to tune your flat four workshop 16 Jul Daventry UK

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How not to tune your flat four workshop 16 Jul Daventry UK

#1 Post by neilbardsley » Mon Jun 25, 2018 7:47 am

A couple of months ago I offered a session where members could bring along their car and we will work on it together. Ben (from DDK) kindly offer to come too to provide some real expertise. Unfortunately there were no takers. I'm keen to try and get something going so I'm going to offer a how not to tune your flat four workshop.

It will be in Daventry NN11 near junc 17/18 M1

How about 10am 15 Jul?

The idea that we start on something easy. I will try to demo. Then others will take the p155 and tell me what I'm doing wrong. Then someone else can have a go.

We will use my car as the dummy. If you bring your car we can tune that too but you will have to set your valve gaps when cold before coming.

I will try to cover the following

-> Setup valves gap
-> Check Spark plug condition/width.
-> Set point width/dwell
-> Set Max Adv
-> Balance carbs at idle and 2000/3000 rpm
-> set carb mixtures

I have all the tools needed.

I'm thinking some Sunday morning in July (not CLM)? If this is successful then next time we will do something on brakes. Mostly because I would like to look at mine :) ... =1&t=62768

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