Any modern Porsche 911 types here for info?

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steve raucher
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Any modern Porsche 911 types here for info?

#1 Post by steve raucher » Wed Oct 09, 2019 9:47 am

Hello all,
Most of our 356 cars have held and even gone up in value.
Curious if anyone has any insight on modern Porsche Sports road cars like GT1, GT2, GT3 etc., that if bought right, drove sparingly and maintained properly, could also be the type of cars that do not deprecate but hold their value etc? Where is the mileage limit or cut off that enthusiasts look at before the values start to wain?
Not looking at a new car, perhaps 2-5 years old.
I know the repair costs and maintenance cost do not compare to the 356.
If one had say $150K or up ?? which modern model would be the best bang/value for the buck? Performance, eye ball and chance to be collectible and hold value.
There are a zillion 911 models really specifically looking at the GT cars, may look at other modern 911's.
Thanks and regards,

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Joris Koning
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Re: Any modern Porsche 911 types here for info?

#2 Post by Joris Koning » Wed Oct 09, 2019 10:20 am


I am the wrong person to ask. I do have one general observation, the exotics/super/GT car market or whatever you might want to call it appears to be very flat. The crazy price movements of new models are no longer there and I am hearing buzz about many of these cars now suffering from pretty steep depreciation. Sure there will be exceptions but in general the hype seen over the last five years seems to be gone. The same can be said for the early 911's and 356's.

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Sebastian Gaeta
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Re: Any modern Porsche 911 types here for info?

#3 Post by Sebastian Gaeta » Wed Oct 09, 2019 8:11 pm

Just my opinion...the "market" for these more modern Porsche's is a completely different one than for 356/early 911. Porsche is as in demand as they are right now because they do not overproduce. I read once that their strategy is to forecast demand for their models and then build one less than that demand, however I am sure it is not literally what they do but you get the point. In other words, they do not devalue their cars by building too many and then having to lower prices at the dealership level, instead they build fewer and keep the prices at a very profitable level. That makes late model special interest Porsche's even more desirable since the market is not flooded with them and hence their relative desirability stays high.

You will get better info at Rennlist etc, but this is a good start for you.
Sebastian Gaeta

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Adam Wright
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Re: Any modern Porsche 911 types here for info?

#4 Post by Adam Wright » Thu Oct 10, 2019 12:13 am

From what I've seen only a few truly hold their value, in the newer Porsche arena. Most plummet like all new cars, with a few being the exception, like trying to find a cheap GT3. Even the Turbo's can be had cheap now, especially if you can stomach an automatic. I see few of the newer cars that would be a good place to park money. The GT cars are very pricey to maintain, a friend said his radio died today, replacement is $2400. And if you don't keep them perfect, they aren't perfect.
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