356 for the Memory of my Father

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Re: 356 for the Memory of my Father

#136 Post by Sebastian Gaeta » Mon Feb 18, 2019 9:35 am

When he first showed up I liked him, he was obviously passionate about the cars and the history. But......it quickly turned into him thinking he is the only person who truly loves the cars and hobby for what they are and was the only person who actually drove them, the rest of us were just posers who polished our cars in a climate controlled garage and never dared to drive them. That could not be further from the truth.

At first it was a bit amusing and then got tiresome. The vast majority of people here are completely immersed on the hobby and culture of the 356 and lots of people drive them. I myself have taken many long trips in my cars over the years and have more than 150,000 miles behind the wheel of 356's which is much, much more than EMG ever will and I too live in the snow belt. Can you imagine if my warm climate brethren started calculating their miles behind the wheel of a 356? I am not the exception, these cars get driven.

Painting all current 356 owners as posers, which at the time were actually trying to help him with his inquiries, got old real quick.

The best thing to do here now is not feed a new troll, just let this whole thing die quickly.
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