356 CAR Christmas Party

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356 CAR Christmas Party

#1 Post by Steve Douglas » Sun Dec 09, 2018 11:10 pm

Saturday was the annual 356 CAR Christmas Party, held at the Kim and Rachel Nelson's garage, located in foothills east of Sacramento. The best count was 142 people, for potluck lunch/dinner, loads of food, a bit of drink and lots of fun. The Speedsters played all of our favorites into the night, dancing and drinking was advised. This years party grew by about 25 people from last year, and the club is getting 2-3 new members every month. Thanks to all that helped out, Joy Fifer for doing the table decorations, and or course the Nelsons.
Want get in on the fun check out http://www.356CAR.org, we have a full schedule of events planned to 2019.
The photos; Rachel and Lori with their iPhones, Kim and Steve (Kim is the shorter one), The Speedsters gearing up, everybody heading for the bar, the 356 corral

Im sure John Hern will add some more photos as he took many.

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