Sunday, 4 March 2018: 356 Sunday Run to Flo’s Airport Café

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Sunday, 4 March 2018: 356 Sunday Run to Flo’s Airport Café

#1 Post by Jim Alton » Sun Feb 04, 2018 7:48 pm

Yes, this is the day of the 356 Club’s 7th Annual 356 Club All-Porsche Swap and Car Display at the Phoenix Club.

Attendance may be a little light but Flo’s will be there.
PS_2018-02-04 06.28.38.jpg
Forming up at Chino Hills State Park
Meet at the Chino Hills State Park Discovery Center (just 1.2 miles east of the corner of Carbon Canyon Road & Valencia Ave in Brea), just before 6:30 AM on the first Sunday of EVERY MONTH! Departure time is 6:35.6 AM SHARP!! All Porsches or whatever runs is welcome. Destination: the world famous Flo’s Airport Café located at the Chino Airport.
PS_2018-02-04 06.58.57.jpg
Just arrived at the World Famous Flo’s Airport Café
PS_2018-02-04 07.14.18.jpg
Elegant dining at the World Famous Flo’s Airport Café
Alternatively, meet at Flo’s a little before 7:00 AM. Click here for a map.
The route through Carbon Canyon
For over 25 years rain or shine there has always been someone there to have breakfast and talk Porsche.

The Flo's run is the first Sunday every month--the April 2018 run will be Sunday, 1 April 2018. Porsche Motorsports will bring a 919 and we’ll all have the opportunity to try it out on the runway.

The Flo's Run is back on the 356 Club of Southern California Website:!

The 356 Club updated its website several years back and the previous update didn't have a way to show recurring events. A brand new website launched a while back and the Sunday Run to Flo's is back!

Flo’s Run Weather: Click here for Discovery Center Weather and here for Chino Airport [KCNO] weather.
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