Replacing windscreen wiper rubbers

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Replacing windscreen wiper rubbers

#1 Post by JohnLiles » Fri Aug 24, 2018 8:33 am

My '55 coupe is fitted with SKF wiper arms and blades , not pickle fork pattern . The blade holders slot into the u shape bent ends of the arms .
The rubbers have split and do not work too well when it rains !
It looks like I can remove just the rubber part with its flexible stainless steel backing strip by removing black plastic end caps and sliding the rubber out from the metal clasps on the blade holders.
I have not tested that out yet !!
The rubber part is 250mm long by 8.5 mm wide ( clasped by blade holder ) by 10mm deep ( from stainless steel backing strip)

Is it possible to get rubber either pre cut to 250mm length or to cut to size ?
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