Oil Filter Strap

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Fred Nolte
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Oil Filter Strap

#1 Post by Fred Nolte » Wed Feb 07, 2018 2:57 pm

Hi guys,

I had another question. This time in regards to the oil filter strap. I have noticed that some oil filter straps are zinc coated but others are black and seem to be a bit wider. I'm trying to figure which might be correct for my coupe build date of 3/5/54 #51678. I assuming that the filter was painted in the green color I've seen not the orange at that time but maybe someone has information on that also.

Thanks in advance,

Fred Nolte
'54 coupe #51678

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James Davies
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Re: Oil Filter Strap

#2 Post by James Davies » Wed Feb 07, 2018 5:31 pm

Hi Fred,

If you look on your fan shroud there will be either 2 holes or 4 holes for screwing the canister bracket to the fan shroud.

If 2 holes, then your car gets the standard narrow, zinc chromate plated (looks chrome) strap with the black bracket that also holds the dipstick. Fram canisters always used this one as far as I know. This is featured in most engine photos in the 1956 Porsche Workshop Manual. Green Mann canisters were mounted with this strap as well (see the engine diagram at the beginning of the 1954 Porsche Service Manual for an example). I've also seen a period photo with a Knecht filter canister using this bracket.

If your fan shroud has 4 bolt holes with narrower horizontal spacing, you get the wider bracket that is painted black. I believe the other photos in the 1954 Porsche Service manual showing this one with a Mann filter, but it is hard to see the stickers to verify.

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