Pre A Driver's Manual Folders

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Drew Saunders
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Pre A Driver's Manual Folders

#1 Post by Drew Saunders » Mon Jan 29, 2018 12:34 pm

Hi Guys
I have been making small quantities of the Card Folder that contained the Diver's Manual and other documents and came with new 356 A cars and had a crest.
And after much research and a few false starts have also made some Pre A versions with the PORSCHE logo type rather than the crest.
You can read the whole saga here
(if you've got a spare hour).
Pre A folder_sml.jpg
Pre A close up_sml.jpg
Inside Pre A folders_sml.jpg
I have had the 'leather look' card specially made in Scotland, so it should now be the exact shade of red as the originals.
It comes in two styles one with angled pockets and one with one angled and one straight, I am told that the straight edge version is earlier than the other but I am not a Pre A expert and I'm sure you guys will put me right if that's not the case.
Each folder is hand cut, hand creased, hand embossed (using my 30 tonne garage press) and hand glued, so they are not cheap and I can only make small batches.
So drop me a line if you want one.
Here is an in situ photo, and no it's not my speedster or my original early manual, it was sent to me by Simon Jensen (thanks Simon)
and also thanks must go to Donald Zingg for carefully measuring his very rare original folder.
Hope you like them.
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Jules Dielen
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Re: Pre A Driver's Manual Folders

#2 Post by Jules Dielen » Mon Jan 29, 2018 12:41 pm

Impressive, wow! Please sign me up for one of the early versions for my 52, Drew!

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James Davies
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Re: Pre A Driver's Manual Folders

#3 Post by James Davies » Mon Jan 29, 2018 2:04 pm

Beautiful work Drew! Really, really nice.

Don and others - anyone chime in on when these were first used?

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