Seeking history on 1955 Pre A Speedster (81045)

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Seeking history on 1955 Pre A Speedster (81045)

#1 Post by kirk wilson » Tue Mar 14, 2017 10:43 am

I asked the Registry for assistance several years ago, so I thought it worth trying again on the Pre A Corner forum.

I acquired this 1955 Speedster nearly 9 years ago. It was imported into the UK nearly 30 years ago. The car has some history dating back to the mid-seventies. It was a Hoffman delivered car in November 1955. Chassis number 81045, red with beige interior. It originally had a 1600 unit (60133), as its right on the cusp of the change from ‘pre A’ to ‘A’. There was a colour change at some stage to signal yellow (which it still is today). When the car landed in the UK in the late 80’s it had a 60’s ‘hot rod’ look - all chrome work was painted black, Fuchs wheels and disc brakes. It still has a Sun Tachometer Transmitter tucked away under the dash. Sadly, the original engine didn’t reach the UK shores.

As you can see from the recent photo, the car has undergone some re-commissioning over recent years and I’m slowly putting the car back to something near to the original spec. I have no plans to change the colour, as it does put a smile on people’s faces! :)

It is known that the car spent the seventies and early eighties in Long Beach California. It was originally owned by a Dr. Dewitt Talmage Collier. He was an anesthesiologist in the CA area and I have addresses for him at Costa Mesa, 996 Redondo Ave and Elm Ave Long Beach. The US license plate number was 891 LQC. I have a number of the old service documents from the 70's from places such as Hilwal Motors, John's Place in Long Beach, Red Line Santa Monica, Porsche Alternative in Westminster, Porschop in LA. The final chapter of the Speedsters history before it left the US is that it appears to have been traded-in by the doctor in June 1988 for a 1959 356A (brown with tan interior) chassis number 108769.

I've exhausted all avenues to get in touch with the original owner over the past 9 years, so all I can hope for is some additional history on the car and may be trace the original engine 60133.

Thank you!
1988 Just arrived in UK 'Hot Rod' look
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William Block
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Re: Seeking history on 1955 Pre A Speedster (81045)

#2 Post by William Block » Wed Mar 15, 2017 2:48 pm

From my registry:
'59/'59 356A-T2 Reutter coupe #108769
616/? P*
Ruby red (R702)/upholstery/carpet
Built del
Stewart Fieldings, ENGLAND; ex ?, USA
Jan 89, driver, application (356 REGISTRY)

Please list as much "Kardex/Certificate of Authenticity" information as known so that your 356(s) may be registered in the now unofficial 356 registry. Needed are serial number and condition (driver, under restoration, restored, scrapped, project) as a minimum. PreA, original owner/family, limited production, original, 4-cam, unusual, non-US and scrapped cars especially sought. Information provided will go to a public database. It is desirable that we have your name, phone number, and/or e-mail address so that a person with a similar car can contact you. HOWEVER, IF YOU PREFER, I WILL NOT LIST SOME OR ALL OF YOUR DEOMGRAPHICS
KARDEX translation: affa

Fahrgest.-- Nr. Chassis number/VIN/Karosserie Nr.
(on plaque on driver's hinge cover plate)
Ausgel. Am. Date readxy -- (at Karosserie)
Abnahme Besch. -- Date picked-up (to Porsche)
Motor Nr. (P*xxxxxxx*)
Getriebe -- Nr. Transmission number
Getriebe And -- Nr. Additional transmission number
Zundschlössel -- Nr. Ignition key number -- DON'T GIVE ME
Farbe Paint Color -- Kunstharzlack Farbton Nr. (on driver’s hinge cover plate)
KD-Heft-Nr. Reference to owner's & maintenance manuals
Schlössel-Nr. Door key number -- DON'T GIVE ME
Polsterung Upholstery
Teppich -- Carpet (not on Kardex) color & square weave (boucle) vs. other
Sonderausfährung: special equipment (options)
Händler: importer/distributor or dealer

Bill Block
Once and ?future? reviews columnist and now unofficial, self-appointed registrar for the register.
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Bill Block
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