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Sunvisor fixing screws

Posted: Tue Sep 13, 2016 12:35 pm
by Vincent Gillespie
Hello, Ours are a bit of a mess but were they chrome, domed, slot head, 'self tapping style?
Getting these newly rechromed sunvisors all back together, with the new plastic & the ability to swivel, with no damage is somewhat difficult!!

Re: Sunvisor fixing screws

Posted: Sat Sep 17, 2016 1:23 pm
by Spencer Harris
You are correct: chrome, oval-head, slotted and self-tapping sheet metal screws.
This may be of some help re-assembling your visors.

Re: Sunvisor fixing screws

Posted: Mon Sep 19, 2016 5:58 am
by Vincent Gillespie
Thanks for confirming this. It would have been useful to have seen this 'How to' before I did mine but I basically used the exact same method with a couple of slight variations. In testing I couldn't get a good finish to the rivets using a hammer on the rivet tool and I was afraid of the plastic shatterring so I welded the tools onto angle iron, sized to be able to put it on the jaws of a vice, enabling me to squeeze the rivets with a a bit more control in the vice. After a few tests I was eventually able to get the rivets to look pretty near perfect but the frame and plastic assembly is not as easy to manipulate as the solid piece of aluminium I was doing the tests with, I'd say I got a finish of 7-8/10
After chroming I not only had to sand down the 'swivel spike' I also had to drill out the frame using extra length drill bits increasing the diameter by 0.5mm at a time. If you have to do this driling use plenty of lubricant, do it slowly and a small bit at a time, it gets hot very quickly which can damage the chrome, you can guess how I know!