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PostPosted: Mon May 23, 2016 3:11 pm 
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I wanted to start this thread to point to really good pre-A content in old Registry magazines. I'll start with some I've compiled already.

Mark Turczyn wrote a series of excellent articles on pre-A split-window cars for the Registry. Here's an index.

vol 15 #5 body bumpers, raised area under turn signals
vol 16 #1 fender braces, export bumpers, hoods, hinges, latches
vol 16 #5 doors, rear wheel wells, floor pans
vol 16 #6 gearbox and interior
vol 17 #1 engine sheet metal, ancillaries
vol 19 #2 4-digit cars, quarter windows, hubcaps
vol 19 #3 4-digit cars, lever shocks, front air intake
vol 19 #4 4-digit cars, interiors, rear luggage area, wiring harness

Feel free to add your own. I'll try to update this list as I go along. Obviously there's tons of great stuff from Brett Johnson's column, so as I have time, I will try to add more.

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 16, 2016 10:33 am 
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Great job James!

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 16, 2016 11:12 pm 
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volume 22 number 6 pre A tool kits
volume 23 number 1 pre A tool kits part 2


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PostPosted: Tue Aug 02, 2016 1:37 am 
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Thank you. That is valuable information.

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 08, 2017 10:13 am 
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A few more I found

Volume 14/#4
Volume 14/#5
Volume 14/#6

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 08, 2017 8:48 pm 
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If this list in inappropriate let me know and I will modify it or delete it.
This is what I've found for the sunroof inventory. (sorry about the formatting)
If anyone would like a copy of the full sr inventory just email me.

“3562-008 Limousine with sliding sun roof, Dec. 27, 1948/Apr 29,1949” Ivory, Switzerland, Birth of the Porsche Auto. Bus. RegMagv.29,#4’05p.17
Fabric sunroof 1949 Geneva Automobil-Salon Brett Johnson RegMagv.23,#1’Fabric sunroof 1949, Geneva Int. Salon, 17_27 MARS 1949, in Gallery, excellent b/w photo RegMagv.33,#2’09p.16
folding sunroof 1949 Paris show, Gmund coupe Romano – Restored by Hand, p. 87
Sunroof Dup(?) 1949 Old Car Auction Bible: Auction Prices
(same?) GmundPorsche.jpg Sebastian Gaeta
b/w photo Fabric sunroof (?) Trevor Gates 356Registryformum
c/photo “Cloth top” (?), Red(ish)/Tan(?), “A split window currently in Europe,” 356Registryforum

1950 Start - 5002, Johnson, 1950 start: 06001, end: 05410, Porsche PET Catalog (all VINs coupe only)
1955 End - 54223 according to B. Johnson book.
1950, Jeff Corneau

1951 Start: 05132, End: 11125 Porsche PET Catalog (coupe VINs only)
Sunroof clip 1951, “a sunroof, a sunroof, my other porsche for a sunroof,” by Mark Turczyn RegMag8/9-1980p.15-
Rectangle 1951(?), “Sliding steel s/r that is not ‘bent’,” photo, in Restoration, Brett Johnson RegMagv.17,#2p.12
5436 Folding sunroof August 1951 purchase, 70 hp, Red, used by German Customs Officers RegMagv.38,#1’14p.18-21
Folding sunroof August 1951 purchase, 44 hp, Green, used by German Customs Officers RegMagv.38,#1’14p.18-21
See Besen-Porsche: Caltrops, Coffee…Customs Men in Porsches, by Thomas Forster

1952 Start: 11128, End: 12084 Porsche PET Catalog (all VINS coupe only)
V s/r will be grafted 1952, (“saved by Bruce Baker”) 356Registryforum

1953 Start: 50001, End: 51645 Porsche PET Catalog (Coupe VINs only)

10587 Golde sliding cloth sunroof From Stephen Demosthenes, OR, 1-1-2011 356Registry-org
50043? V sunroof Reutter Golde, Black w/green leather interior, 16” wheels
51394 V sunroof Reutter 1954, Ivory/Tan leatherette, COA (much discussion), Andrew Macfarlane, NC 356Registryforum
51460 Sunroof 1953, “engine – P62040, Trans 113-301-102, no rust,” Warren Eads, Rolling Hills, CA RegMagv.9,#4p.26
Sunroof 1953, “made up for it by buying myself an early…present.” Ron Roland RegMagv.16,#1’92p.32
Folding sunroof 1953 1500, Black/Green leather, Restored 356Registryforum
Sunroof 1953, “a rust bucket,” Rafik Dous 356Registryforum
Folding fabric made by Webasto; 1953 Super Romano – Restored by Hand, p. 87
Sunroof 1953, “almost finished-notice the radio (photo).” Dave Martin RegMagv.9,#5p13
Sunroof 1953, “canvas top sunroof,” Paul Jones, Montara, CA , In Restorations, B Johnson, ed Oct/Nov’81p9-11
Sunroof 1953 Pre-A, Carrera fuel tank, Mechanics seat
V sunroof 1953(?) project, White, “What about this poor baby?” Rafik Dous, Melbourne, oz 356registry. org
Sunroof 1953 Pre-A, Mecum 2015 Lot S104, (No sale)
Sunroof 1953, Jade green/, “went to Denmark…,” groovzilla, seattle
Sunroof 1953, Porsche blue/Red int., (still proj. in pic), factory bench seat, James O.
Sunroof 1953, “was somewhat incomplete,” Skid Hall, auction, Pacifica, CA RegMag8/9-1980p7,8
Sunroof 1953 European, Ned Gorski 356Registryforum
“Sliding sunroof” (cloth?) 1953 Stretch Limousine, 912 eng., Grand Prix white/Tan vinyl, Marvin Simes, Dayton, OH RegMagv.25,#4’01p.42

1954 Start: 50099, End: 53008 Porsche PET Catalog (Coupe VINs only)
“Steel sliding sunroofs were first offered in June 1954,” in Restoration, Brett Johnson RegMagv.23,#2’99p.14
and, “Some earlier cars had fabric folding sunroofs, ….”Porsche 356, A Pictorial Guide, Brett Johnson, p. 49
51705 Sunroof 1954 Pre-A, Red/Tan leather, “1985 restor, Nice driver,” Robt. Vann, Hollywood,FL RegMagv.26,#1’02p44
52518 Sunroof 1954 1500N, “Body in primer – you complete retor.” Larry Myers, Longmont, CO RegMagv.12,#1-‘86p.30
52518 Sunroof 1954, “needs restoration.” Bill Jackson, Denver, CO RegMagv.18,#3’94p.45
5272 (?) Sunroof 1954, Turkish Red/Yellow int. Liberty Motors (Jim) 2012
84032(?) Sunroof 1954, 1500S, Red, Project, Eric Wagner, Austria 356RegistryProjects
Golde sliding metal “standard” installed “at least” since 1954 Romano – Restored by Hand, p. 87
Sliding steel sunroof From June 1954, Golde (p, 29) B. Johnson, 356 Porsche RestorGuide
Sunroof 1953/54(?) Pre-A Emory Special, “on the banks of Loch Lomand,” Scotland
Sunroof 1954 for Chris S., 1300cc longblock by Joe Ruiz 356RegistryProjectsSunroof
Sliding roof 1954, “owned by Wolfgang von Trips,” by Ray Van Giesen, Nurburgring RegMagv.33,#3’09p.8
Sunroof (?) Continental s/r coupe, Bill Motta, in Restoration, Brett Johnston Vol.22,#4’98,p.15
Sunroof 1954/’55(?), photo Frankfurt auto show, in Restoration, Brett Johnston Vol.22,#4’98,p.15
Sunroof (?), “black Continental s/r at the Holiday,” in Restoration, Brett Johnston Vol.22,#4’98,p.15
Sunroof clip (?), “Richard Miller had a roof clip…,” in Restoration, Brett Johnston Vol.22,#4’98,p.15
“large fabric s/r” (?) “from Mr. Fitch’s Photo Album,” in Restoration, Bret Johnson Vol.22,#1’98,p14-16
V sunroof 1954, Skirmants eng, Blue/Reutter bucket seats Blood red, John Herrlin, NJ hemmings.comSept.’151955

“…(author) Frank Jung is not aware of the exact numbers produced. He wrote in his book that they have produced 123 T1 cars with the V-shape roof...” from Wolfgang Geisler

1955 Start: 51648, End: 55000 Porsche PET Catalog (Coupe VINs only)
1955 End – 55000 according to B. Johnson book.
53061 Sunroof 1955 Pre-A Continental, “Orig. motor, Complete 3 owner history,” Denver, CO RegMagV,12,#6p.32
53061 dup dup Bob Vanderbeck, Denver, CO RegMagv.12,#1’86p.30
53308 V sunroof 1955 Continental, Blue/Ivory, “Rudge wheels(maybe), Nerf bars, Santa Barbara, CA, from pascal
53453 Sunroof 1955, “ ’59, has 1600N,” “partly restored,” Jerry Meier, Morton, IL RegMagv.13,#3-‘89p.28
53778 V sunroof 1955A 1500 Continental, Adria blue/Red, Montery Auc. Results, by Bartz Schneider RegMagv.33,#4’09p.51
53941 Sunroof 1955 1500, Black/Red vinyl int., chrome bumpers, Switzerland, Bernard Moix Wolfgang
53956 Sunroof Reutter COA Model yr 1956; completion date 08/04/1955, White/Tan
54089 Pop-out s/r 1955 Emory Outlaw, “sectioned 911 eng,” Marketwatch, Prescott Kelly RegMagv.38,#6’15p.49
54126 Sunroof 1955 Pre-A, Silver metallic/Blue leather RM Auction
54172 V sunroof 1955 Pre-A, “delivered new to Italy”, Red/Green-needs int., bench seat, 4Pre-A wheels, 2040-cars/Groosh’s Garage
“3. Need chassis #’s on a pre-A sunroof coupes and any “V” s/r ‘s later than #58355,” Brett Johnson, Editor RegMagv.11,#5-‘86p.9
54202 Sunroof 1955 Continental, “2 engines, Rolling chassis, Car is orig,” Doug Taylor, Phoenixville, PA RegMagv.19,#4’95p.42
54205 Sunroof very late 1955 Continental, “the doors were off,” in Gulf Coast Holiday ’93, Brett Johnson RegMagv.17,#4’93’.14
Dup 1955, “Crummy Buttons” Brett Johnson RegMagv.23,#3’99p.10
55388 V sunroof 1 of only 5 coupes delivered w/sunroofs to Melbourne that year PorscheClassics-Australia
55660 Sunroof 1955 1600N, “original title & records from Germany.” Dan Sherwin, Des Moines, IA RegMagv.12,#3-‘85p.31
Sunroof added 1955 Pre-A/A Denis Jenkinson (Very Famous Car!), See his book, Porsche 356
Folding fabric (?), Black w/white wall tires, “Touring through France,
V sunroof 1955, Black/Red, in “Barn Finding,” by Adam Wright Tom Tate Vol.39,#1’15p.60-61
c/photo Sunroof(?) (?), Black(?)/Red, Class 1 win, David Carrol in North meets South Cambria Pines ’99 RegMagv.23,#1’99p.12
Sunroof 1955 1500 Continental, White/, 2010 Carmel-by-the-Sea Concours, R. Owen(photo(?)
Sunroof 1955 Continental, GrayGreen9?), bench seat, flicker
Sunroof Dup? 1955 Pre-A, Continental, Palm Green/ Eric Meyer, Vintage European Vehicles
Sunroof 1955 Continental Outlaw, Silver/Red int., video Jack Griffin
Sunroof 1955 Continental, Lt. green(?), CA
Sunroof 1955 Continental, owner, “the Carroll’s,” in 1st Intern. SoCal Vintage Treffen, 356ClubSoCal,Winter2007p.34
V sunroof 1955, Pre-A handle Jim Liberty
Sunroof 1955 Continental, org. 1500, Black/Tan “Ground up retor. Completed ‘80,” D. Pachmayer, Louisville, CO RegMagv.11,#4-‘86p.35
Sunroof 1955 Pre-A outlaw Continental Coupe, Blue, 912, RHD, UK John Liles
Sunroof 1955 Pre-A, Silver,
Sunroof Pre-A Silver(?), at car show next to Light blue SR, (Quail background),
Sunroof 1955(?) Pre-A, Silver(?), “cruising on Jamirah road in Dubai”
V Sunroof clip Pre-A, “made its way into the March 2013 Registry Mag,”
Sunroof 1955, “Best of Show – Closed,” Dave Carroll, North Meets South at Morrow Bay, 1998 RegMagv.22,#2’98p.21
Sunroof (FS) ’55 Factory s/r, no motor XLNT body,” Jim Hughes, Woodlland Hills, CA RegMagv.11,#4-‘86p.35
Sunroof 1955, 1500 S, Polyantha red/Beige vinyl, RM auction, NY 2000, from Jim Schrager RegMagv.24,#6’01p.18
Sunroof 1955, Dale Erdman, Allentown, PA in Restoration, Brett Johnston Vol.22,#4’98,p.15
Sunroof 1955 1300S, “for restoration. Basically complete,” Scott Sproull, Chicago, IL RegMagv.Dec.81,#2p.25
Sunroof 1955, “owner used…weekend racing,” Devin body in 1959,” Lee Goldstein Vol.40,#1’16p.18
OOG (One Owner Cars), Bob Hayes “had a sunroof installed.” In, Bill Moore, Editor, Just One Moore, RegMagv.11,#5-‘86p.21

Bob Watts

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 09, 2017 11:14 am 
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Thanks for sharing Bob! Very useful! Will take some time to digest.

And thanks too Tony. I had forgot about those vol 14 articles by Mark Turczyn - his first attempt to make sense of Porsche production changes. All of his notes about production changes are spot on and really useful, though his attempt at putting them in context, generalizing about overall production changes (and figuring out 356/1, 356/4, etc) is a quite a bit off. But of course there were few example cars, even fewer period photos and little documentation available back then. But still, really fun and useful to read through 26 years later.

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