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Re: Pre-A Generator/Fan Belts

#16 Post by Donald Zingg » Tue May 14, 2019 8:22 pm

Hi James

You are right - - -
We are getting sloppy here at the Pre A Corner in referring to Paul's latest project as a "pre A belt."
The retro artwork he's creating is for V belt size 13 x 850 for Porsche 356 2-pc. case engines only.
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Re: Pre-A Generator/Fan Belts

#17 Post by James Davies » Thu May 16, 2019 11:58 am

Thanks for the clarification Don. Yup, that's the 2-piece case belt. 13x850 DIN 2215.

Victor, is your belt a 13x850 DIN 2215 for the 2-piece case engine, or a belt for the later 3-piece case engine? I have never seen a PORSCHE labelled belt for the 2-piece case engines.

Also, the original belts I've seen used on the 2-piece case engines up through 1953 were also Continental 13x850 DIN 2215, but they have a red label with "Continental KC" printed on them. Perhaps Contiental changed to the yellow label circa ~1954? Anyway, would be happy to provide photos if you'd like.

I suspect the first photo in this thread is from Don and is from 1954? That seems like a great candidate to be reproduced. Any idea what the KB letters mean? I have seen letters "CF" and "NA" also printed on the earlier red label ones. No idea what they mean.

And if you're not sure what size belt you have, Continental belts from the period have raised lettering on the inside that give the size. 2-piece case belts would have "13x850 DIN 2215" in raised lettering on the inside.

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Re: Pre-A Generator/Fan Belts

#18 Post by Paul Hatfield » Thu May 16, 2019 1:28 pm

Thanks for adding your knowledge to this string of posts. Much appreciated.
The belts I am supplying for 2 piece Pre-A are in fact 13 x 850. Before buying a bunch of them, Don Zingg did a trial fit on his engine. All successful. Yes, it is a smooth belt, not cogged.

So, we press into making the artwork to apply to these belts.

As for the two alpha characters appearing on the belts, I believe them to be a date code. However, as much of a date code fanatic as I am, I have not yet deciphered them. So, I will apply a two digit alpha character on the belts, but I don't know what it translates into.

I will supply these belts with two different artwork designs as shown in earlier posts. Customer can select.

And yes, I already make a Continental belt with yellow background for 3 piece engines. Photo below. That belt is a different size, 9.5 x 825- same as all other 356's up through 356C

Yes, I am aware that there were plenty of other variants of belts during the 1950's that fit on the 356's. Continental changed colors and some were red, some yellow, some white. I will not be supplying all the different types.

I have tried to update my list of belts in the Vendor's Section. If there is any other questions, be happy to take them off-line.
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