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Sheet Metal has arrived

Posted: Mon Feb 05, 2018 12:41 pm
by Al Zim
JUST ARRIVED! Zim’s has just received a large shipment of German restoration sheet metal. New dies have been used in the production which gives more authenticity and accuracy to the panels. Input from restoration shops in Europe have revealed subtle difference in chassis design and panel variants which has have been incorporated into the product line to better match the originality of your 356 Porsche. As always, the panels are produced in the correct thickness of metric sheet metal.
We have received a limited number of our steel and aluminum speedster seats. Both are formed from a single piece of metal. The aluminum seats are assembled with copper rivets and sheet steel reinforcements. Our seats have better manufacturing procedures that produce a better, more durable product than the factory last offered nearly sixty years ago. Zim's Autotechnik 800.356.2964 February 2017