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I CAN TITLE YOUR CAR!!!! Classic Titles

Posted: Mon May 15, 2017 4:22 pm
by Matt Taberski
Classic Title’s is a way for you to put your vintage vehicle legally in your name without the costs of some of the other titling company’s. We are able to take any vehicle 72 or older without a title and get a valid title created. Being a vintage car lover myself, I have pulled my share of vehicles out of the weeds and find out later the vehicle did not have any legal paper work. Knowing the frustration and having friends within my states DMV and insurance companies, I was able to create paper work for every car that I needed to. Once I was able to do this I started helping friends and family and now it is available to you. I have helped quite a few members and they have posted their experiences in several forums.

Matt Taberski 716-289-8875