Sump Plates with Drain Plugs

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Dan Kalinski
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Re: Sump Plates with Drain Plugs

#16 Post by Dan Kalinski » Thu Apr 12, 2018 3:43 pm

Conrad Carter wrote:Do I have to modify engine to install?
You will need to remove the stock sump plate studs and replace with longer units that are supplied with the kit. The OE studs are pretty easy to remove and you may have one or two that are stubborn, but a little heat on them and they should come out easy enough. Loctite the new ones into your engine. Elected to Loctite my OE drain plug too. It was weeping as well. Not now....

Also comes with Nylock nuts. Really like this sump cover and no more leaking magnet rivet or dimples in the stamped steel plate to contend with. Further, the magnet on Ron's covers are super strong.
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John Brooks
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Re: Sump Plates with Drain Plugs

#17 Post by John Brooks » Fri Apr 13, 2018 1:42 am

I just installed one on an a rebuild. Works great, the only thing I did different was drill out the drain plug, and installed a 8X10mm rare earth magnet, set it into the plug 8mm deep. Just a little stump of the magnet sticks out.

To clean the plug, you can stick the magnet on a vise, pull the plug off of it. The magnet and any iron will stay on the vise. Wipe, rinse, repeat.
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