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How do I update my member profile

Posted: Fri Nov 28, 2014 6:52 pm
by Victor Ingram
Can someone post how to update my own member profile.

Re: How do I update my member profile

Posted: Sat Nov 29, 2014 2:53 pm
by Greg Bryan
Victor - I will develop a step-by-step instruction, but I can't do it for a bit due to travel.

Re: How do I update my member profile

Posted: Thu Nov 02, 2017 8:50 pm
by Eric Harmes
I have been a member for many years but I have not put any ads on Porsche356 for 2 years. Since then you have changed the format for putting an ad on this site. I now have parts to sell. Please contact me with instructions as to how to post an ad. Also I have changed my email address to My name is Eric Harmes, member number is 13344. Your help will be much appreciated.

Re: How do I update my member profile

Posted: Fri Jan 12, 2018 11:00 pm
by Curt Dansby
Ok Gentlemen

Towards the effort of giving Greg a much deserved break and since I happened to see this thread I am happy to answer both of your questions.

Victor- Very easy. Log in: Over in the right hand corner you will see "Welcome Victor Ingram" Click on that and you will see a drop down menu. Click on profile and scroll down and select edit profile. It is a cracked oyster at that point. You have other options above to change your car photo etc.

Eric- Log in: Go to classifieds and click on "New Classified". It is a fill in the blank until you get down to adding photos. Forgive me if I am getting too basic here but I made an assumption based on your question. So an easy thing to do is make a folder on your desktop called "classifieds photos". So when you download or e-mail your photos from your phone or camera, and select save, you can pick where you want the file to be saved (desktop) and you can also pick create new file that you can name "classifieds photos" So now you have filled in all the blanks and you are at the bottom of the page- click on that "Browse" button. You will see a window that is your computer. Click on desktop, find the classifieds file you made and find the photo you want to place with the ad. Double click on that photo and it will upload. Got an additional photo you want to add- click "add image"- you get another browse prompt. Repeat until you have posted all the photos you want and then click on "create classified" and you are on the board. I would request you read the classifieds rules under About Us (on the main page) then FAQs, so our other tireless moderator Rhys does not have to chastise you for mistakes. To change your e-mail just take the same track I gave Victor above and you can plug in your new info.