On-Line Status, Classified renewal, lost classifieds

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Albert Tiedemann
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On-Line Status, Classified renewal, lost classifieds

#1 Post by Albert Tiedemann » Mon Apr 14, 2014 12:22 am

I have looked through the 5 pages, but have found nothing about on-line status or about classifieds that may have been lost or about classified renewals.

In prior times there was a way to hide on-line status, but if someone wanted to know they could click on your profile to see "status" whether on-line or not or hidden [for this session]. Is this feature still available or has it been deleted? A box used to come up when you logged in to check or not.

Also, renewing ads eventually were easy to do when compared to the old way of resubmitting in their entirety. How do we do it now?

And, in the new site some classifieds have been lost or I cannot find some of mine. I have been told that nothing is ever really deleted from a hard drive, and if you are clever and know the trick, you can recover anything that has been deleted. Is this true of the classifieds? If so, I like my ad for P72, P 73, P73b and all the jack parts that I offer found and restored.

Otherwise, I will just muddle along looking around [not really knowing what I am looking for, but if I see it I will know]--at least that is what the IT types used to say when you called them to fix a problem.
Albert Tiedemann, C356C
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Greg Bryan
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Re: On-Line Status, Classified renewal, lost classifieds

#2 Post by Greg Bryan » Mon Apr 14, 2014 12:50 am

Albert - Curt can also speak up, but my understanding is that all old classifieds are gone - you'll have to resubmit your ads in the new classified section.
Greg Bryan

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Curt Dansby
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Re: On-Line Status, Classified renewal, lost classifieds

#3 Post by Curt Dansby » Mon Apr 14, 2014 1:23 pm

Hi Ab

Joe thought we only lost a couple of ads in the switch over, but we have some glitches he is trying to work out. In the past when ads were gone they were "vaporized" I had no ability to go back ad retrieve them. I did a search in the Admin section and all I see are two ads for you both on the valve spring tool. I am guessing your other ads will not just "come back". Sorry but at least w did not loose all ads as was initially thought would happen. Folks are still having issues seeing various components in the program, but hopefully it will be worked out sooner rather than later.


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