Collecting ideas for the forum, classifieds and website

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Brian OKelly

Re: Collecting ideas for the forum, classifieds and website

#31 Post by Brian OKelly » Fri Oct 19, 2012 9:50 pm

cory cotherman wrote:I would like a search function that actually works. Example "the samba" when ever I search there I actually find relative information, when I search here its like I'm in the stone age. No affiliation, but we could learn a lot from "the samba" that site just plain works, I use it a lot as I know some of you folks do too.

Search functions are tricky. Even TheSamba regulars will recommend Google.

Try this in the Google search line.
site: search text here

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Ashley Page
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Re: Collecting ideas for the forum, classifieds and website

#32 Post by Ashley Page » Sun Oct 21, 2012 1:08 pm

Curt you are right and “useful stuff” was a dumb choice to use in making my point. Reminds me of the sign I saw in the mountains in front of a store – “Articles For Sale”. But my point was that the classified might be better if folks were allowed to sell and trade including tools and equipment. Equipment like a bench grinder or press or homemade one off tool, not 356 only but very useful if you own a 356 (maybe that word is useful but certainly not in the title or name of the forum!). Since everyone here either has a 356 or is looking for one it might be reasonable to conclude that there won’t be many instances of an old washing machine or the like put up for sale.
The vast majority of folks here are not professional mechanics and could benefit by having access to the tools, equipment etc that might be available to make their hobby more fun. Along with folks that are not comfortable buying parts off ebay, etc. are also those who are not comfortable selling on those sites. So availability of that type of thing works both ways.
From where I sit you have done a great job with this. It’s a thankless job but it won’t go away as you can write rules to change rules and they will continue to be abused and ignored. I think we have to accept that if it operates at X% (pick a number) of perfect then that is great. I am guessing its not far off now.
I think it would be interesting to know what percent of members have posted 0 ads, 1 to 10 ads, more than 10 ads. Maybe that information exists and if so could be posted.
Also a good experiment might be instead of having a separate rules section that might not get much traffic, simplify the rules into a very few bullet points that are present when you start to post an ad. Maybe you should have to check “I get it” to begin putting a new ad together for posting. When you go to the rules section now you are faced with the long page of bold and regular verbiage that might que a thought like “I don’t have time to read this – I’ll just post and see what happens” or something similar. At the end of the day there is no magic fix all. Those that will ignore rules are still there. It will still require someone to do the thankless task. But fewer rules means fewer thankless tasks for the moderator. I guess it could boil down to how much activity do we want on the classified section.

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Craig Richter
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Re: Collecting ideas for the forum, classifieds and website

#33 Post by Craig Richter » Sun Oct 21, 2012 2:41 pm

Someone needs to calm down the $ box. This is a club, a club of volunteers. In a membership of 7000(?), how many programmers? Things do not have to be perfect in a car club. If it isn't volunteered, we don't get it. What you do get is braggin' rights, and that should be enough.

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