New permanent "sticky" topics in the Main Discussion Forum

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New permanent "sticky" topics in the Main Discussion Forum

#1 Post by Barry Brisco » Tue Jun 21, 2011 11:02 am

We are going to try an experiment: three new permanent "sticky" topics in the Main Discussion Forum. Here's why:

As long time 356Talk members know, certain topics are discussed over and over again. This is because the topics are obviously of interest to many 356 owners, and because it is not always easy to search the Forums and find earlier discussions of the topic.

356Talk moderator Glenn Ring, who also moderates on thesamba, suggested that we "concentrate" frequently discussed topics into permanent "stickies" so that whenever a new topic is started about say, what oil to use (sound familiar?) that topic is locked and then linked to the permanent sticky topic about that subject.

In this way, those posting about a frequently asked question are quickly directed to the permanent topic about that subject, where they can find a long history of discussion and hopefully answers to their question.

NOTE: in these permanent "sticky" topics, please keep your posts focused on the subject being discussed and avoid "me too" and "I agree!" type posts that do not add useful information to the discussion. Extraneous "chit chat" type posts in those topics are subject to removal.

We are going to start out with three permanent "sticky" topics on these subjects:

"What kind of oil should I use / what is the 'best' oil for my 356?"

"What kind of tires should I use / what is the 'best' tire for my 356?"

"How does ethanol in gas affect the 356 engine/fuel system?"

If you wish to discuss the pros & cons of these new permanent "sticky" topics please do so in this Forum and Site Q&A topic, not in those three topics.

NOTE: clearly there are many subjects that have been discussed repeatedly on 356Talk. But we cannot create a permanent sticky topic for all of those subjects, as those stickies would take up the entire first page of topics in the Main Discussion Forum and push off the page new topics on other subjects. If this change proves popular and there is strong demand for more permanent sticky topics we will figure out how to handle that.

Thank you.
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