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PostPosted: Fri Nov 05, 2010 4:39 pm 
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How to subscribe to the 356Talk Digest email service

Log in to the Registry website with your username and password.

Go to any 356Talk Forum web page.

Click the "User Control Panel" link near the top of the page.

Click the "Digests" link on the left side of the page.

Select your choice for "Type of digest wanted", "Digest styling", and "Hour sent".

Click the "Forums Selection" link on the left side.

On the Forums Selection page, if you do not want to receive posts from all the Forums, uncheck the "All" box and then only check the boxes next to the Forums you want to receive posts from.

When you are finished making your selections, click the "Submit" button.


If the Digest does not arrive at the hour you selected for "Hour sent", go to your "My Profile Page" (in the "Membership" menu at the upper right corner of the page) and make sure the "Time Zone" setting in your Profile matches your geographic location.

To see your "Time Zone" setting, on your profile page click "Edit", "Update Your Profile", then the "Profile" tab, and scroll down the page.


As of 11/21/10, by default, attachments (photos) are included in the digest unless your have set "Digest styling" to be "text".

You can "turn off" having photos included in your Digest email by clicking the
"User Control Panel" link, then selecting "Digests" and "Additional Criteria".
On that page you can select to Show Attachments, "Yes" or "No".

If you are not getting photos in your Digest email, go to the above screen in your User Control Panel and make sure you have the correct settings selected.

Show attachments "Yes"
Block Images "No"


If you are receiving photos in your Digest but the Digest email is so wide that it won't fit into your onscreen window, there are two settings that you can select to remove photos from the Digest, and solve your problem.

Show attachments:
If enabled, attachment images will appear in your digest at the bottom of the post or private message. Non-image attachments appear as links (HTML digests only). The BBCode [img] tag is not affected by this setting.

Block images:
Prohibits all images from appearing in your digests, including images attached to posts or private messages. This can be useful for slower connections or for active boards with lots of images. Text digests never show non-text content.

To access these settings, log in to the website, go the 356Talk, click "User Control Panel", the "Digests", then "Additional Criteria", then scroll down the page. Select "No" for "Show attachments" or "Yes" for "Block images".


The Digest email is not the same thing as a Forum "Subscription". On every Forum topic listing page, such as, if you are logged in to the site there is a link "Subscribe forum". If you click that link you will receive an individual email notification for every post made in that Forum, but that notification email will not contain the contents of the post (the daily Digest email will show the contents of the posts).

You can also "subscribe" to be notified whenever a post is made in a particular topic. On every topic page there is a link on the left side "Subscribe topic".

You can "unsubscribe" to any subscription by going to your User Control Panel (link at the top of any 356Talk page if you are logged in) and check the box on the line of a particular subscription and then click the "Unwatch marked" button at the bottom right of the page.

Best regards,

Your 356 Registry website team

11/3/2012 edited to remove extraneous text
Chris Toy, moderator

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 14, 2011 8:50 pm 
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I'd like to apologize for this snafu, since it is my fault. I was a bit hasty in making an upgrade to the software because I didn't want anything to go wrong when the 10 PM digests went out. In other words I was finishing up close to the top of the hour. In the process it appears that I uninstalled part of the software, deleting your settings for digests.

My understanding is that Brian has created default digests for a number of you, but you may receive digests at different times of the day than you used to, or may get a daily digest when you got a weekly one before, etc. Simply go into the User Control Panel and customize your digest settings as you choose.

I should point out that Brian has been instrumental in helping get newer and more useful versions of the digest out. I pioneered pictures in the digest because he said it was important to you, and when the sheer volume of digests going out caused some problems he inspired me to work on performance issues. Your site has made a great test bed, and Brian has been open to letting me use you for testing. Your site is the largest I have encountered using digests, so it makes a great test bed. The results benefit not only you, but hundreds of other sites using this phpBB mod, and those are just the ones I know about. There are probably thousands of installations of digests worldwide.

Again, I apologize for the hassle this causes for so many of you and will be more careful in the future.


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PostPosted: Wed Nov 13, 2013 8:20 am 
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Have received nothing last two days...

Dick Strahota

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