Before I build it - Thoughts on an 1883cc motor for my 356A

For those who couldn't care less how their 356 left the factory!
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David Twiss
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Re: Before I build it - Thoughts on an 1883cc motor for my 3

#16 Post by David Twiss » Thu Jun 14, 2018 9:26 pm

Thanks guys

My 1962 Devin D was nearing the final stages of an extensive restoration when some guy backed a Kombi into it at my mechanics workshop!

Its now back at the paint shop being repaired, then off to get some carpets.

Once all that's done I'd be delighted to post some photo's..........she is just drop dead gorgeous!

My Devin was great candidate for restoration as the glasswork was remarkable condition for its age.

One area which needed a lot of thought and efforts was the suspension

Prior to the current restoration my Devin exhibited a number of handling issues characterised by significant understeer followed by sudden (harrowing) oversteer.!
Front suspension travel with old VW shock was almost non-existent.

Front 356B brakes locked by under hard braking. Brakes have now been fully restored with softer shoes eliminating brake lock up issue

To try and rectify the handling problem the following steps were undertaken

Front Suspension
Restored VW link pin suspension
New 2.5 inch dropped spindles
New 4.5 x 15 rims with Michelin 165HR15 XAS tyres
Standard beetle shocks

Rear suspension
Rebuilt with new training arms, bearings and bushes. Note back suspension was in dire need of significant restoration and fabrication.
New GAZ Adjustable Shocks 16’’ with Spring Coilovers 200Lb (replaced old damaged Coilovers with 225Lb springs)
New 5.5 x 15 rims with Michelin 185 / 70 VR15 XWX

The car now handles much better. A lot of the understeer appears to have been dialled out although we have only undertaken a short test run.
The front suspension with VW shocks is still stiff with little travel

Question - To address the front suspension issue we are thinking of going to coilovers in the front and removie one or two torsion bars to get some travel as the car is very light in the front.
Any thoughts on this course of action and any comments on our current suspension set up.

Note - The car is not a full on track rat. Rather a road car with some club track days planned


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C J Murray
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Re: Before I build it - Thoughts on an 1883cc motor for my 3

#17 Post by C J Murray » Fri Jun 15, 2018 8:55 am

Too stiff front likely caused brake lock-up. SwayAway sells softer torsion leafs or use a F Vee sway bar inside one tube. Install adjusters for front ride height, better than drop spindles. Rear arms need toe adjustment capability.
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Re: Before I build it - Thoughts on an 1883cc motor for my 3

#18 Post by gregorycampbell » Fri Jun 15, 2018 9:16 am


I just use one set of leaves up front. There other set is allowed to rotate at the centre so they act as a sway bar.
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dennis kazmerowski
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Re: Before I build it - Thoughts on an 1883cc motor for my 3

#19 Post by dennis kazmerowski » Tue Jun 26, 2018 6:31 am

CLIFF Your D is really looking good . GREG Your D is the ultimate. I n my lifetime i have had 4 devin Ds. Had to sell each one to move on to the next project as my wife says----IF SOMETHING COMES -SOMETHING HAS GOT TO GO . CONGRATS TO BOTH . I miss all of them regards DENNIS KAZ

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Ron Delmendo
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Re: Before I build it - Thoughts on an 1883cc motor for my 3

#20 Post by Ron Delmendo » Fri Jul 06, 2018 6:45 pm

Hi David-

I’ve had a 1883 in my Roadster for about 6 years or so with ca. 20K miles on it. Take CJs and Paul’s advice and don’t over-carb the engine. I have Weber 40IDFs and 34 venturies. I also used a NOS C non-counterweighted crank with the Maestro stump puller Elgin Cam. I love it! Very torquey down low and it’s a blast to drive in the twistys or in traffic.

Unless you’re planning on really flogging the car at 6000+ all the time, I would suggest going lighter on the carbs and Cam. The engine you have listed in your original post would go like stink when dialed in but would be a pain to drive in most normal conditions.

Oh, I run with a 022 Dizzy. Have been thinking about MSD or something else, but the engine runs great and I can deal with points...


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