Ruby red/Blue interior

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Re: Ruby red/Blue interior

#46 Post by jim saunders » Sat Aug 25, 2018 8:29 pm

Hi Edwin and apologies for the late reply. I too think that a '65 Slate Grey sunroof SC, with blue interior, seats with Pearl Grey Corduroy inserts, would be a dynamite combination. For me, I can't imagine anything better. What a unique standout car - and it's Factory 12 volt !
The only catch is's not restored.
I have a million excuses.
My house is most of them. Still renovating, and it's appetite for funds is insatiable.
I'm not getting any younger, and should have sorted all this out long ago. So it has got to the point that perhaps the best thing would be to sell this dream car, and let someone else do it justice.
After a lifetime of 356ing it's the letting go that's the hard part, isn't it.
Anyway, who knows what may come along. There's always tomorrow.
I like your taste Edwin, thanks. jim

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