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Re: Rear seats installation

Posted: Sun Apr 02, 2017 9:03 am
by EricMcKinley
Don't forget the little boards that go on the back of the rear seats.

I liked these little straps also, they stop the rear seats falling down during sudden braking.
Totally unoriginal to the car, however easily reversed with no damage to the carpet, utilises the chrome luggage clips.

Re: Rear seats installation

Posted: Sun Apr 02, 2017 11:52 am
by Doug McDonnell
Helge Tielker wrote:
Doug McDonnell wrote:Excellent carpet article in restoration Guide Volume 2 by Ron Roland. It was originally in Registry Magazine 19-1 here: ... 1396814795
Doug, I can not access this article either I can find it ... can someone help me on the issue .,.... I have so many questions with regard to the carpet installation ....

Like: the material underneath how to fix it on the ground and than the carpet above? All glue?

cheers from Holland .. temperatures here happily rises to 19 celsius ...

Helge scroll to the top of the page, then click on Magazine. This will take you to a page where there is a volume1through 40. Change the 1 to 19 Page 32 of Volume 19 #1 is Ron's excellent article the carpeting part starts on page 33