Anyone running a VW motor in their 356

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Re: Anyone running a VW motor in their 356

#46 Post by Norm Miller » Sun Dec 01, 2019 2:28 pm

Around 1995 I felt I should use a substitute for my 4Cam. Note if you hit 4 with the shift key it's $Cam.
So I gathered up a BIC engine from a 914 and converted it to an upright with alternator 12V, Delorto '40s.
The flywheel was available from a 92 TYP4 2 door four-speed, also Mexican VW transporters.

Here is the fit ( you have to get rid of all the stuff hanging on the back of the engine) and create an exhaust system.
It likely ran better than the 4 Cam, like more torque.

When I sold the Carrera I just put the 4Cam back in and now have a spare engine if the 2002cc engine gives up.

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