What kind of oil should I use / what is the "best" oil?
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Author:  David Jones [ Thu Sep 01, 2016 4:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Oil Recommendation for 356C

Shell Rotella Triple T 15W/40. Has 1200 ppm ZDDP and has what I think is the perfect viscosity range. I used to use Mobil ! synthetic but that was back when I was racing and used it in the race car as well. Now I only drive street 356's and not as much WOT so I think the Rotella is more than adequate. Takes about 1500 miles for it to go from honey colored to brown.

Author:  Jim Alton [ Thu Sep 01, 2016 9:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Oil Recommendation for 356C

For Mobil 1 15W-50 Mobil quotes:

• Nominal Phosphorus Level, PPM = 1,200
• Nominal Zinc Level, PPM = 1,300

At https://mobiloil.com/~/media/amer/us/pvl/files/pdfs/mobil-1-oil-product-specs-guide-2016.pdf updated February 2016.

Personally, I'm a bit more concerned about the oil breaking down at high temperatures and killing my matching-numbers engine (which sometimes runs hot) than I am about ensuring my $ 40 valve lifters will last 200 years at 3,000 miles per year (or less).

Author:  Dan Epperly [ Thu Sep 01, 2016 9:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Oil Recommendation for 356C

O'Reillys or any FLAPS brand oil, it's the name brand stuff without the fancy packaging and a lower price. I use 30 wt but I live in So Cal. I put 25,000 miles on an unknown engine and tore it down to the case recently to do the top end and the cam is fine.

Author:  Wyatt Blankingship [ Thu Sep 08, 2016 12:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Oil for 356C

I was finally able to locate some engine oil locally for my 356C. I am now
using Valvoline VR1 20W-50 Racing Oil. Auto Zone has it and also Advance Auto Parts. Label on container says "High Zinc". The Product Information sheet indicates that the Zinc/Phosphorus content is 0.14/0.13. How does this translate into parts per million?

Author:  Wyatt Blankingship [ Fri Sep 09, 2016 12:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Oil for 356C

Thanks for the info. on the PPM of the Valvoline VR1 Racing 20W-50 Racing Oil. Looks like it will be good oil for my engine. I do not intend to do any racing. Got my car up to 105 MPH in 1965 on the Sunshine Parkway in Fla. at 3:00am. Manual said it could do 110. Gust of wind hit me and I could not feel the steering wheel. Must have been airborne. I keep it under 70mph today. Wyatt B.

Author:  Derek Carpenter [ Fri Sep 09, 2016 12:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Oil for 356C

Not too highjack the thread, but I just now picked up a 5 gallon jug of the stuff (used to run it in my 930 Turbo) but what is the suggestion on filter? I ordered a two pack from Amazon that look to be solely paper ribbing on the outside, but I was just sold a Wicks filter that appears as a perforated metal canister. Is this ok to use? I also have a '64 356c original oil system.


Author:  David Jones [ Fri Sep 09, 2016 2:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Oil for 356C

Wix are a very good choice of filter but as the stock 356 uses just a bypass filter system I doubt it make a lot of difference what brand of filter you use. The filters that use a composite enclosure are OK to use. Fram has a steel outer and they are by far the worst filters in my opinion I have ever used.

Author:  Wyatt Blankingship [ Sat Sep 10, 2016 12:15 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Oil for 356C

WIX is a good filter. O'Reilly should have them. P/N 51010. They come with a rubber gasket that does a good job sealing the filer cover head. Most other brands use a paper gasket. I have a list of 12 other brands. Let me know if you need any more choices.

Author:  Sonny Caudill [ Sat Sep 10, 2016 3:05 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Oil for 356C

I use the VR1 in our '60 356 and my '66 Corvette...I think it's a good choice for these. Our '60 has the original filter system on it too...I just change the oil fairly regularly to help keep any contaminates to a minimum. Have fun!

Author:  Dick Weiss [ Mon Sep 12, 2016 11:00 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Oil for 356C

I always use the open-pleated filter cartridge (Mahle OX-79 D)--never the metal shielded version w/the little scattered holes.
Stoddard has 'em.


Author:  Elizabeth Scheyder [ Fri Nov 11, 2016 12:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: What kind of oil should I use / what is the "best" oil?

We've used the new Porsche Classic Motor Oil (http://www.porsche.com/international/ac ... oroil-faq/) for the last year, and have been very pleased with it. The old girl (1965 356C) runs well, oil stays cleaner longer, gas mileage up about 5-10%, and it doesn't burn as quickly, so we don't go through it as fast. Oil pressure seems to be maintained at higher ambient/running temperatures.

It's pricey, but worth it to us.

YMMV (literally, in this case),

Author:  Edwin Ek [ Fri Nov 11, 2016 1:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: What kind of oil should I use / what is the "best" oil?


That's an impressive list of benefits. What kind of oil were you using before?


Author:  robert e gwaltney [ Tue Nov 29, 2016 4:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: What kind of oil should I use / what is the "best" oil?

just took my 62B to Lufteknic in Richmond and they did oil change using Liqui-Moly 15W-40 Touring High Tech Diesel, anyone used that if so thoughts yes or no? thanks, robb

Author:  Jeffrey Leeds [ Tue Nov 29, 2016 4:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: What kind of oil should I use / what is the "best" oil?

Just read this whole topic thread. There are 8 pages of thoughts on every oil you could think of, and some you never heard of.

Author:  Charles H Jacobus [ Sat Jul 01, 2017 10:21 am ]
Post subject:  Re: What kind of oil should I use / what is the "best" oil?

Anyone else use the new Porsche Classic 20W-50 oil?

I just sent a sample of new Porsche Classic 20W-50 oil into Blackstone Labs to get a baseline. We'll see what they say. I've used Blackstone on my other P cars for a long time and been very satisfied. My discussions with them personally were much more detailed than the cursory comments provided above.


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